1. All participants must register for the Texas Tri Series.
    Registering for the events does not automatically register you for the series. Likewise, registering for the series does not register you for each of the events. Participants wishing to be included in the overall time tracking must be registered before July 15. You may register after July 15 and still complete the series, but you will not be included in the overall time tracking.
  2. There are 2 categories of Finishers: (1) Finisher & (2) Finisher with Overall Time Tracking.
    To earn credit as a Finisher, a participant must compete or volunteer in each of the following events:
    • The Rookie Triathlon
    • Lake Pflugerville Triathlon
    • Couples Triathlon
    • Jack's Generic Triathlon
    • TriRock Austin
    • Kerrville Triathlon

      (*) Participation in the Life Time Tri CapTex event may be substituted for any other event in the series, but you will then be ineligible for the overall time tracking.

    To earn credit as a Finisher with Overall Time Tracking, a participant must compete in each of the following events:
    • The Rookie Triathlon
    • Lake Pflugerville Triathlon
    • Couples Triathlon
    • Jack's Generic Triathlon Intermediate Distance
    • TriRock Austin Olympic Distance
    • Kerrville Triathlon Half Distance

      Subsitute events are not permitted for Overall Time Tracking.

  3. Participants must enter each event in the series by registering for each event individually.
  4. To receive credit for an event in the series, participants must be official finishers or official volunteers of each event. Relay finishes or Aquabike finishes do not count.
  5. Volunteers but must register online prior to the event.
  6. Participants are encouraged to obtain an annual USAT license and enter it with their event registrations to ensure they are tracked correctly.
  7. In the case of an event rescheduling, participants must complete the event on the new date. If an event is cancelled, that event will be eliminated from the series.
  8. Questions about the rules may be emailed to

Team Championship Rules
A special award will be presented to the team or club with the largest participation in the Texas Tri Series. The rules are as follows:
  • To earn a participation credit, the team member must be registered for the Texas by the registration deadline.
  • The team member must select a single team for the entire series, and enter it when they register for the Texas Tri Series.
  • Each finish in any of the 7 texas tri series events by a team member will earn 1 credit for their team.
  • The team with the most credits at the end of the series wins the championship.
* It is not necessary to indicate team membership when registering for any of the individual events. The Texas Tri Series registration indicates team membership for the entire season. Also, individual team members do not need to participate or register for every event, but they must be registered for the series for any of their finishes to count in the team championship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to do every race?

You must complete all of the events as listed in Rule #2 above to finish the series, but you don't have to race each one. You may volunteer in any or all of the events. Volunteering counts for full credit towards completing the series.

What do I get for finishing?

Awards and clothing will be presented to everyone that completes the Texas Tri Series. In addition, there will be a finisher party with food, drinks, and tons of prizes.

Why do I have to register for the series itself?

You must register for the Texas Tri Series so that you may be tracked throughout the series. The registration is free.

Does anyone win the series?

Yes and No. Every finisher of the Texas Tri Series is a winner and treated equally. There is also a separate competion within the finishers to see who can complete the events in the shortest cummulative time.

How do I get ranked in the overall cumulative time results?

You must do every event listed in the Finisher with Overall Time Tracking category in Rule #2 above.

Can I do a relay?

No. You must participate or volunteer in each event as an individual in order to complete the series. Can I volunteer instead? Yes. Equal credit is given for volunteering. In fact, you may complete the series just by volunteering if you like.

How do I get credit for being a volunteer?

First, you must register as a volunteer online using your USAT number if you have one. (Don't worry if you don't have a USAT number. We'll figure out who you are.) Second, you must check in with the volunteer coordinator on the day of the event and complete your assignment.

What if the event has more than one race distance?

You may do the distance of your choice and you will be given full credit for the series. However, if you are interested in tracking your overall cumulative time, then you must do the longest distance available at each event.

What if I have more questions?

You may contact the event director by sending an email to